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Morning conference: Making $10,000 through Diablo III

Some of us remember the infamous player who made over $10,000 with Diablo III‘s real money auction house system. Some discussions followed on reddit, which the player took part in.
There he said he’d never scammed, botted or otherwise cheated at all in his efforts because trading in item markets is part of how he has fun, so it “wouldn’t make sense” to cheat.

He, among other things, said that

Gold is like a foreign currency. It represents value, but only within the specific game world. You can’t use gold to buy things in stores in the US, just like you can’t use Yen to buy things in those stores. If, however, you can convert that currency to a usable one, it has an “exchange rate.” Gold has an exchange rate exactly like a foreign currency has. (Except gold is more easily exchanged than 90% of the currencies in the world.)

Since then Blizzard has promised to look over the currency converting abilities of the Diablo 3 auction house, but so far they haven’t really gotten around to it. It might not be in Blizzards best interest to have a system where elaborate strategies are used to extract these kinds of sums of money, but it’s not in their interest to remove this initial idea from the game either.

Making this much money from one game however, raises some questions. The interesting ones for now are; Have you ever wanted to make money from gaming? If you would go for it, how would you do it? Would it be through systems like the Diablo 3 auction house, or would you want to earn your money through pro gaming, tournaments or streaming?



March 29th


About the gold

About the gold
So lets talk about the hot potato; the very infected subject of gold making in Azeroth.

Why is it infected? Rather simple actually. People earn money illegally by buying, farming and selling it and by doing so seriously harming the competitive and fair side of the game.

Those of us regarding themselves as supporters of the legit and competitive gaming scene strongly oppose this trend. But even so we can’t let this keep us from discussing the influence of gold and how to make it. It is after all an important side of the game.

The main reason the currency of gold got such an impact is simply this; no matter if you’re a pvp- or pve player or both, or for that matter a roleplayer, the currency of gold is needed for reaching the ultimate height of you character. It is deeply needed to buy the stuff that will make you go all the way; the gems, enchants, glyphs and inscriptions. But also the materials to level your professions, to buy faster mounts and even to buy epic gear in the Auction house.
So even though it is true that you can level a character to it’s full level without much gold, the reality is that you won’t get much further then than that without it.

About the market
I will not go in to this particularly deep. This is not a guide and there are several good free guides out there that are easily found.
What I will say though is simply this. First of all earning gold is deeply connected with your professions. Learning to buy mats and to put them together creating profits, sometimes using the skills of several of your alts is extremely important. Perhaps that is one of the main reasons why it often is expected of you to have alts and knowing of to use them profession wise when you apply for a serious and highly skilled raiding guild; you need to be able to carry your own costs.
Secondly the market of any system, both in real life and in the cyber ether is a delicate thing. It can help you accomplish your goals. It can work against you. It can collapse.

Once in time I was given the advice not to undercut entities in the World of Warcraft Auction house if I wanted that particular market to crash. I was instead told to put up mats of that sort greatly overpricing the current standard. Creating a big gap between the entities in that particular market would create the instability needed for it to crash and having to start over.
What is true for capitalism in the real life is also true for capitalism within WoW.

The market in World of Warcraft is an economic system. Instead of buying gold, players should generally put more focus on breaking the system.
There are financial sharks everywhere. Be one.

Finally i’d like to know what your views on gold are? Is it a priority for you and if so have you learned to carry your own costs?



March 16th


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