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Mmoopinion is working on a new editorial. We hope to inspire a great discussion with this long and well written piece. Furthermore it will be a discussion we think is desperately needed in todays gaming scene.

The topic will be subscription mmos vs the free to play model, the misconceptions and the reality.

We hope for you to welcome this discussion, as we do, and we will make it public in the days to come. We will announce via social media.

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Join us then to discuss one of the biggest issues in the mmo scene today.

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April 2nd



Casters for DreamHack Stockholm revealed

The complete list of casters for DreamHack Open: Stockholm was just released on the organization’s official Twitter feed.

Welcome to the premiere in Stockholm @apollosc2 @artosis @egincontrol @takesen @adebisisc – #DHOpen @eizo_global @logitechg @kingstontech

— DreamHack (@DreamHack) March 21, 2013

Here is the list of casters:

Shaun “Apollo” Clark
Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski
Geoff “Incontrol” Robinson
Dennis “TaKeSeN” Gehlen
Michael “Adebisi” Van Driel

DreamHack Open: Stockholm will be held on the 26-27th of April.




March 23rd



Today CCP announced that the company will be attending PAX East, with DUST 514 and EVE Online demos and trailers.

CCP’s Foxcalibur writes

“CCP is set to make a huge splash at PAX East this 22-24 March with DUST 514 demos, EVE Online trailers, and in-game giveaways!
Stop by our huge booth at the Boston Convention Center, where we’ll have two dozen PlayStation3 consoles running DUST 514 throughout the event. It’s your chance to drop into the planetary battle raging exclusively on the PlayStation Network.

Plus, catch sneak previews of all the thrilling content coming to EVE Online, the hit sci-fi MMO that shares our war-torn universe.
Best of all, everyone who visits the booth will walk away with an Exile Assault Rifle for DUST 514, and choose one of five Pirate Frigates for EVE Online (yarr!).”


Many wonder where their upcoming mmo World of Darkness fits into all this. For the fans however, this will be a welcome contribution to the EVE Fanfest, held later this spring.



March 19th



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