New editorial to stir things up

Mmoopinion is working on a new editorial. We hope to inspire a great discussion with this long and well written piece. Furthermore it will be a discussion we think is desperately needed in todays gaming scene.

The topic will be subscription mmos vs the free to play model, the misconceptions and the reality.

We hope for you to welcome this discussion, as we do, and we will make it public in the days to come. We will announce via social media.

In the meantime join us on Facebook and Twitter below to keep yourself updated on the event.

Join us then to discuss one of the biggest issues in the mmo scene today.

Stay tuned.

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3 Responses to “New editorial to stir things up”

  • Sharky says:

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  • http://www./ says:

    Thanks for posting this on youtube, I remember watching this program shortly after a broker tried to get me to lie about my salary on a mortgage application (unsuccesfully!). I asked him about the show afterwards and he said it was “no big deal”, “everyone was doing it” and the show was just? “good TV”. No-one can say there were no warnings about this….least of all the Government.

  • http://www./ says:

    A ceux qui passe leur temps à dire « y en a marre, raz le bol, trop c’est trop » : bougez vous les fesses, essayez d’améliorer votre quotidien, essayer de lire ça vous changera les idées, essayez de parler autour de vous de vos problèmes. Au lieu de mettre en danger vos enfants à vouloir voter Le Pen.

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