Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, update 9 and creativity

Recently 4J Studios released a new trailer for the Xbox360 console version of Minecraft. The trailer shows the upcoming update nr. 9 for the big hit game.

In the trailer we also see “The end of the world” and footage of the Enderdragon.

Minecraft could be considered to be a pretty interesting game. Not because of the playing mechanics or graphics. The huge portion of freedom the players have has attracted many to buy the game. Minecraft survives in a highly competitive market due to having creativity and player freedom at its core.

When one sees the current game projects generally and the mmo projects in particular, the feeling is that a lot of today’s game developing companies and publishers should learn from Minecraft. Learn how another mindset in regards to online gaming is possible.

In order to craft new, modern and iconoclastic games the player creativity and freedom should be put at the center of the productions. The Minecraft creator Markus Persson did this in his own way, but there are many other ways of doing it.

Even though it can’t always be easy to think outside the box in a very tech-savvy industry, a larger effort should be made. Maybe it will be a coming product of that kind that is going to set the new standard for the industry in the years to come?

How do you think the game developers should tackle the creative and freedom based aspect in mmo games, in a practical way?

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