Swtor: Game back on track with expansion?

The Hutts will not be allowed to expand their dominion at our expense.

―Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh


The expansion “Rise of the Hutt Cartel” has been dated and will be hitting the stores on April 14th. This was announced by Bioware at the Game Developers Conference, the worlds largest conference for game developers, held in San Francisco this week.

A while back Star Wars: The Old Republic  the big investment of EA and BioWare, had to go from being a traditional subscription mmo, to changing its format to free to play.

Since so much resources had been put into this colossal project, for example thousands of hours of recorded voice acting and of course the stake in itself of constructing a mmo, going free to play was seen as an enormous loss for the two companies, EA in particular.

This affair got so bad that some started to promote the idea, quite vigorously, of the the time for the subscription mmo being over. More of this in our upcoming editorial.

Despite old debacles, EA and BioWare decided to move on and focus on their future expansion.

And here it is.


Will you play Rise of the Hutt Cartel? And will this expansion be a possible clean slate and player magnet for Swtor?

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March 27th


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