The great online merge: Dust 514 and EVE

The game developing company CCP has made the great effort to merge and integrate a PC game and a Ps3 game together.

A risky project many would say, but not an uninteresting one.

Creativity spawns reward and so..



What do you think? Will you try it? If so which of the two games?

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2 Responses to “The great online merge: Dust 514 and EVE”

  • captrench says:

    This is exactly the type of original game design that forum nay-sayers like to say is “too hard” or “that would be impossible!”

    And it is. Until someone does it. And then it sets a new benchmark of reasonable and “can be done”.

    Technology is generally capable of more than its current implementations, under exploited rather than fully exploited. What game designers can do with it is not always demonstrable by the status quo. Or in any other industry.

    DUST514 shows that the boundaries of one game are not finite and fixed, and this has the potential to set a new paradigm in game design, where the game “world” is not defined by one game, but potentially by the number of games (or systems) within that world you are prepared to interface with. The potential there is mind boggling, and trend breaking.

    I’m capable of playing devils advocate for both sides (and against, for that matter) of the decision to make DUST514 platform specific to the Playstation only. A console does ensure that all players are on a level playing field with skill the only differentiator (ignoring laaaag), and does make it easier to guarantee that players will have that certain “console/fps” experience, which is predictable and easier to cater for by virtue of the fact that all PS3 owners will have hardware of the same spec.

    On the other hand, I think leaving the pc gamer out of a possible synergy between the two games, EVE and DUST514 could be a bit short sighted. Not everyone wants to buy a PS3 that’s quite clear, while it can be said that their existing player base definitely do all own a pc. Why not a pc client with controller compatibility?

    I no longer play EVE, nor am I an fps addict and I do not own/want a PS3. But I consider this new development a proverbial finger to all those many forum-ites who aggressively defend the status quo as the limit of possibility, rather than simply the latest landmark in a journey.

    Lets praise the latest achievements in creativity and ingenuity, but lets not forget to keep demanding more. Its the entertainment industry, not a charity. Its our money we’re spending.

  • gReep says:

    Yes exceptions we should have, since we are spending money. This is, as you mention, a very interesting leap forward in terms of technology. Really makes you think what is possible in the future. The boundaries of technology is pushed and so development occurs. Interestingly enough many discoveries seem to be made within the gaming world, with this merger as just one example.

    One other could be the great lan events, like Dreamhack, where they actually need to bring in the first and foremost technicians to construct the network architecture.
    Superb networks are needed in for example the business community as well, however everything is put on it’s toes when 9000 people comes together to play all sorts of games, with the expectation of no problems or ping.

    I too feel there was a bit to narrow outreach from CCP when they decided to only make DUST 514 for Ps3. It’s however a pretty interesting mentality for a rather small, indie company with not so many releases under its belt, to throw themselves out in the deep end deciding to program a Ps3 game, and with so advanced linking and cloud technology at that.

    It makes me very optimistic for their upcoming release “World of Darkness”. One should be carefull to hype but CCP really caught some attention with this. :)
    It will be interesting to see what the coming EVE fest will hold in store, and the general future for their projects..

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    March 26th


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