Athene and Cenarion Hatchling future compass to aid?

Time for some good memories. We all remember that last years charity drive by Blizzard, for the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami catastrophe relief, was a big success.

It was to help the victims of the Japanese Tsunami, the “wild and noble” Cenarion Hatchling was introduced by Blizzard.
The purchasable pet has since been a big hit – it has raised over $1.9 million for the American Red Cross efforts. At $10 per pet and 100% of the proceeds going to the American Red Cross, that’s over 190,000 pet purchases since the pet went on sale in May, last year. Big complements to Blizzard for launching another successful project last year, this time to help people in need.

This raises some questions however. Are the game developing companies doing enough to meet their social responsibility? Will the map and methodology of foreign and social aid be redrawn in the coming time, to better match todays reality of charity through computer gaming, mmorpgs and other technologies?

This is yet another example of the world adapting to the modern day technology. Not the other way around.

Here an additional aid organizer comes to mind. Many of us have seen the narcissistic, loud and dysfunctional internet character Athene. Most of us however knows that Athene is just a character, an online persona.
In reality Bachir “Athene” Boumaaza is a calm, smart and highly skilled gamer and aid organizer. The concept is easy, those people who follow him and his gaming streams online, or anyone else for that matter, can choose to donate money for Save the Children in Africa. Last year he raised over a million dollars and the donations for charity keeps coming in.

Athene gaming, organizing high-end charities and making faces.

What could be a more ethically striking and modern example of helping people through charity than by mobilizing big masses of gamers, like Blizzard did with the Cenarion Hatchling and Athene did with his online gaming videos and streams?

By the way. The pet is still available in the Blizzard pet store. And you can donate money for Athenes charity.

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